How to Reinstall Windows

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CD-Rom, DVD-Rom Support and Floppy Boot Disks For Windows  


How to boot off DVD-Roms, CD-Roms and floppy disks, and where to get them. This section is dedicated to helping you achieve access to the Windows install disk. Click on relevant link below to continue.


Operating System

DVD-Rom/CD-Rom BootFloppy CD-Rom Boot



Windows 8

DVD-Rom Support for Windows 8 (Eight) NA

Windows 7

DVD-Rom Support for Windows 7 (Seven) NA
Windows VistaCD/DVD-Rom Support for Windows VistaN/A
Windows .netCD-Rom Support for windows 2003 .net ServerN/A
Windows XP ProCD-Rom Support for Windows XP ProfessionalClick here
Windows XP HomeCD-Rom Support for Windows XP HomeClick here
Windows 2000CD-Rom support for Window 2000Click here
Windows MECD-Rom support for Windows MEClick here
Windows 98CD-Rom support for Windows 98Click here
Windows NTCD-Rom support for Windows NTClick here
Windows 95N/AClick here
Windows 3.1N/AClick here