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Windows 95 Bootable floppy and CD-Rom support

Some early versions of 95 where supplied on floppy disk, if this is the case just boot with first disk and install Windows 95

Unfortunately Windows 95 was mostly shipped on CD-Rom and requires CD-Rom access to install from MSDOS

NOTE : Windows 95 Boot disk does not contain CD-Rom drivers

OPTION 1 – Download CD-Rom Support

      1)Download a CD-Rom boot disk from: or:

The best thing to do to achieve CD-Rom support is to just download a 98SE boot disk, available here

OPTION 2 – Install CD-Rom Support onto the C:\ Drive

1) Boot with Windows 95 Boot Disk

2) From the A: prompt type “SYS C:\”

3) Now Insert CD-Rom manufacturers Drivers Disk

4) From the A:\ prompt type “INSTALL C:\”

5) Reboot computer without a disk in the drive

6) Insert Windows 95 CD

7) Type x:\setup from dos ( x being the CD-Rom drive letter)